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Row house style apartment buildings line West 21st street.  An old-style diner does great business in the community.  The Chelsea area, like many areas in New York City, has gone through a major revitalization over the last several years.  It's a beautiful neighborhood.

West 21st Street has the appearance of a narrow street because the building properties are fairly close to the edge of the street.  The railroad viaduct cuts right through the property.

The viaduct comes extremely close to an adjacent apartment building.  One could only imagine living in a building so close to the ROW, as freight trains once rolled past the apartment dweller's windows.  Hearing the trains loud engines and feeling the vibrations as the train made it's way along the tracks  must have been some experience!

I wonder what residents feel about the proposed fate of the High Line.  Would they want people walking and biking past their windows if the line was reopened as a greenway?  Would they mind it if light rail or subway cars zoomed past their windows if the line was converted for transportation purposes?  Or, do they just want the line razed and be done with it?  Would a new building go up in the viaducts place if the line was razed?  So many questions, so many possibilities, but few answers are present at this time.

On the north side of West 21st street, a parking lot is positioned under the viaduct.

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