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A look at the viaduct as it makes it's way across a parking lot on West 20th Street.  Two beams now make up the stanchion configuration, as opposed to the three beams that were utilized where the viaduct crossed the parking lot at West 18th Street.

The parking lot operator painted the lower portion of the beams yellow so that motorists might be a little more careful when parking their cars.

A view of the support beams of the viaduct at the West 20th Street parking lot.  Pigeons have made the viaduct their home.  When one passes under the viaduct, the pigeons can be heard making all sorts of noises as they flap their wings and communicate to each other.  There are a lot of bird droppings up on the beams as well, which only helps to contribute to the acceleration of the decay of the structure.

The West 20th Street trestle.  A taxi repair shop and a parking lot reside under the viaduct at this location.  Somebody put up a cyclone fence on top of the east side of the trestle.

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