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A view looking south under the West 19th Street trestle.  Commercial trucks are parked under the viaduct.  Many developers feel that this land would be more profitable if the viaduct is razed and buildings were built on the parking lots.

The Giuliani administration feels that the significant financial and liability issues will only help to accelerate the razing of the viaduct.  The administration also believes that he structure's blighting effect on the surrounding properties hinders economic growth in the area.

A view of 10th Avenue, looking north.  The High Line is situated west of 10th Avenue at this point, as the line runs on property that was condemned and acquired in between 10th and 11th Avenues.  It is interesting that High Line planners did not run the line straight down 10th Avenue.  They would not have had to condemn properties in between 10th and 11th Avenues, thus saving on building costs and resident and business relocation costs.  I suspect that the West Side Improvement planners wanted to place the railroad viaduct "out of view", so they built it in between the existing buildings.  9th Avenue already had an elevated subway line running down it, so I venture to guess that city planners did not want another road with a train line residing above it.

The red brick church, located on the east side of 10th Avenue on West 21st Street, has an interesting story.  During the construction of the High Line, the church was moved from West 23rd Street to it's present location.  The Guardian Angel Church was originally positioned directly along the ROW on West 23rd street, and had to be moved.

Despite criticisms that the High Line does not spark economic growth, apparently somebody didn't tell these developers about that issue!  A new development is being built in the area.  This construction is taking place on 10th Avenue and West 19th Street.  The yellow apartment building looks like it has a fresh new coat of paint applied to it's facade.

The High Line runs through another parking lot as it makes it's way to West 20th Street.

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