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Here is a view of the underbelly of the viaduct.  Notice a couple of things here.  A drainage pipe that sticks out of the cement is clogged with ice.  The cement ceiling shows that there are patches of cement that has discolored over the years.  This shows that some portions of the cement are stronger than other portions.  The steel support beams appear to be in fairly good condition in this area.

Here we see where some of the cement has flaked off, exposing the steel rods that hold the cement in place.  It is this type of cement flaking that has some people proposing that the High Line be razed due to structural safety reasons.

An overpass at West 18th Street.  The Roxy Nightclub's entrance is located under the awning.

Friends of the High Line say that if the High Line was razed, the right-of-way would be lost forever.  The Regional Planning Association has concluded that a greenway should be considered the for High Line ROW.  Pedestrians, bicyclists, skaters and possibly light rail would be able to utilize the corridor.  Rail proponents say that the ROW should be restored for use for freight rail traffic.  Transit groups would like to see the line converted for integrated with the existing New York City Subway system.  All plans are being heard by CSX, but the company has no position on the issue due to all of the legal wrangling involved.  CSX just wants what is best for the company's stockholders.

The West 19th Street trestle.  A billboard once hung on the side of the trestle.

Notice that each trestle has a small steel fence that lines the edge of the trestle.  It appears that architects and engineers took some time to make the trestle appear pleasant looking by integrating various shapes and designs within the fence.

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