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Looking south on 10th Avenue, the viaduct trestles cast long shadows upon the street and sidewalk.

Where are all of the cars?  Considering it was New Years Day, it appears that a lot of people slept in after a long night of partying during New Year's Eve.  10th Avenue is usually not this serene.

The viaduct curves northwest as it makes it's way through the Edison Properties parking lot.  Notice that the support stanchions contain three beams that support the roadbed.  It is interesting that design engineers utilized three beams per stanchion rather than two beams per stanchion.  The middle beam helps to provide extra support for the structure, as it helps to distribute the weight.  This structure was engineered to carry trains for many more years beyond it's early closing in 1980!

A staircase leads from the parking lot to the top of the viaduct.  The staircase is fenced-off at it's entry, so one can't easily attempt to go to the top of the viaduct without climbing over the fence (unless, of course, one has a key to the lock of the fence gate!).

A close-up view of the steel beams and cement facade that make up a portion of the viaduct.

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