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The High Line trestle over West 16th Street.  The City mounted traffic lights and a streetlight to the trestle.

Back on 10th Avenue, the trestle ROW is long and wide at this point, as the ROW curves to cross over 10th Avenue from the east side of the street to the west side of the street.

The ROW makes it's way to turn west to cross over 10th Avenue, as shown by this view of the structure.  A parking lot - one of several under the viaduct's ROW - resides under the structure.

Crossing the Edison Properties parking lot, the elevated viaduct curves to take a position west of 10th Avenue.  At one time, Federal Express was planning to build a distribution site at this location, however those plans were shot down by community activists who feared that extra truck activity would degrade the area.  If Federal Express was able to build their complex on this property, this section of the High Line would have had to have been condemned and razed.  Edison Properties, which is part of the Chelsea Property Owners concern, would like to see the High Line razed at this and other locations where the ROW is positioned.

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