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Years of weathering apparently have not been too kind to surrounding infrastructure for the High Line's ROW in the east Nabisco building.  The east Nabisco building allowed for the High Line ROW to pass through the building and continue its path south.  A spur viaduct was built in order to service the west Nabisco building.

A closer view of a portion of the viaduct.

Standing under the 10th Avenue Nabisco spur viaduct, we see that several other viaducts and spurs cross over 10th Avenue.  The first viaduct in the background carried trains in to the former Merchants Refrigerating Company building.  The second viaduct is the High Line mainline.

At West 16th Street and 10th Avenue, a spur viaduct once carried railroad trains in to the building of the former Merchant's Refrigertaing Company building.  The owners of this building sealed-up the portal.  Property owners complain of vandalism are done to their properties if the properties are not properly monitored.  Sealing-up the portals help to prevent some of this vandalism, the owners claim.

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