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A view of the two portals that allow the ROW to go through the Eastern Meats Building.  The High Line rises fourteen feet above the surface, and features a double track bed throughout length of the ROW.  The double tracks allowed for two trains to run north and south at the same time.  The structure is thirty feet wide at many locations.

There are two competing groups that have different agendas for determining the fate of the High Line.  Friends of the High Line would like to see the High Line remain intact.  The Chelsea Property Owners group, which represents businesses in the area, would like to see the line demolished.  Mayor Rudolph Giuliani would like to see the High Line razed.  Each concern has their own reasons as why they take their positions.  The Friends of the High Line are working with the Rails-to-Trails program in order to secure the High Line with a Rails-to-Trails designation.  The Chelsea Property Owners would like to use the ROW and air rights over the line for commercial and residential development.  Mayor Giuliani wants the line taken down because he feels it is an eyesore to the community.  He also feels that if the line were to be taken down, continued economic development in the area will result,  stimulated by extra property that will be gained by razing the line.

Underneath the elevated structure at West 14th Street.  The structure was built to last.  CSX believes that the structure is safe and sound, as it was built to withstand years of abuse of the rumblings of loaded freight trains.

A Mobile Service Station is situated under the High Line viaduct on the corner of West 14th Street and 10th Avenue.  A steel and glass wall encloses sections of the service station.  Friends of the High Line say that the High Line structure has to be safe, considering the city allowed a gas station to be built under it.

Two interesting overpasses cross 10th Avenue just past West 15th Street.  The lower overpass is the trestle for the High Line, the upper overpass connects the building on the east side of the street to the building on the west side of the street.

The building on the east side of the street (the brick building located on the right of the picture) is the former National Biscuit Company (Nabisco) building.  The building on the west side of the street was also owned by Nabisco at one time, hence the building of the overpass connection.

Chelsea Market now resides in the east building, and Level 3 Communications now resides in the west building.

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