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Several box cars and hoppers are parked in the yard.

A new manual switch was installed.  An operator pulls the handle in order to engage the switching mechanism.  These new switches don't look too much different from the old switches found in the Cross Harbor Railroad yard.

Looking north up First Avenue.  Notice the architecture of the warehouses in the area.  All are similar in design, and all feature a bow facade at the edge of the roof.

This old caboose was found not in the South Brooklyn Railway yard, but in a parking lot adjacent to the yard.  Who knows how long it has been sitting there, and from what railroad line the caboose came from.  There is no railroad track in the area, and the wheels have been removed from the caboose.  This thing isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

For more information about the South Brooklyn Railway and New York Cross Harbor Railroad, be sure to visit www.forgotten-ny.com and www.nycsubway.org.  Visit NewYorkBiz.com to read about the "Cross Harbor Freight Movement Study".


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