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The CHRR spur tracks go right in to the garage in this warehouse.  OldNYC.com contributor Harry Hassler explains that the CHRR had customers that lined both First and Second Avenues, but now the CHRR only has one customer on First Avenue.  Interesting to note that the CHRR is one of the two active railroads which is still running on New York City surface streets.  The NYC Metropolitan Transportation Authority runs trains across Third Avenue and Second Avenue as they utilize the South Brooklyn Railway, when they move trains from the Third Avenue yard to the Second Avenue yard.  We will be seeing the Second Avenue yard later in the tour.

A view of the yard, facing northwest.

Here is an interesting crossover.  If you toured the Jay Street Connecting Railroad Virtual Tour at OldNYC.com, you may remember that the Jay Street Connecting Railroad's crossovers were cut at ninety degree angles.  The CHRR's crossovers take on more of a trapezoid appearance, as opposed to the square crossovers found on the Jay Street Connecting Railroad.  There are not too many of these types of crossovers on the CHRR, and apparently they aren't used too much, since this one has a large tractor trailer parked over it.

We are approaching the southern tip of the yard.  Here, the "mainline" tracks of the CHRR merge with one of the layup spur tracks, and then will continue on to First Avenue.  Once the tracks position themselves down First Avenue, the right-of-way continues to a connection at the New York and Atlantic Railway's 65th Street (Bay Ridge) yard.  The CHRR and New York and Atlantic Railway work together to provide rail freight service for New York City and Long Island customers.

As we pivot the camera to the north, this gives us a good vantage point of how big the yard is, and what we have already explored.

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