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Heading south, one can see several more freight cars parked along the layup tracks.

A view of a manual switch.  The CHRR yard is very old, and there are no electronic signals or switches in the yard.

Here, we can see the manual switch and rails.  The system is not complex, but it still performs flawlessly after all of these years.

The Cross Harbor Railroad once served many industries along First and Second Avenues in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.  Here, a spur goes out of the CHRR yard, transverses the sidewalk, and cross the avenue to a factory across the street.  Like most of the rail freight operations within New York City, activity began to slowly dissipate as trucks and highway infrastructure gave industry owners the ability to transport their goods utilizing these services.

This spur is in fairly good shape, even though it hasn't been used in years.  Notice the different types of track groves used on the left track compared to those utilized on the right track. OldNYC.com contributor Terry Guyatt explains, "There is no difference in the rails, but the right-hand rail has a check rail laid inside it. The curve is sharp and, as a locomotive pushes a car around it towards the right, centrifugal force would be exerted onto the left-hand rail, tending to push the rail out of alignment. The check rail helps alleviate the problem as it takes some of the strain by pressing on the backs of the locomotive¹s right-hand wheels, preventing the full force from bearing on the left-hand rail."

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