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Another view of the mainline track within the CHRR yard.

Two freight cars full of lumber are parked in the yard.  Rails and ties are stacked next to the car.

Two more Cross Harbor Railroad diesels are parked in the yard.  These diesels were not idling at the time of the tour.

A view of the lumber cars and the locomotive, as we look north in the yard.  You may just be barely able to see it, but way in the background, in between the two white warehouse buildings, is a building with a dome on top.  That building is the old Williamsburg Savings Bank building, located in downtown Brooklyn.  This building is still one of the tallest buildings in Brooklyn, and is famous for its dominance of the Brooklyn skyline.  The CHRR yard is a good six or seven miles away from downtown Brooklyn, yet even from our vantage point, we can see the building from our location.

Heading south again in the yard, we see that there are a several layup tracks for freight car storage.  The crane in the background is putting scrap metal in to the hopper car.

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