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The very old Bush Terminal Company building, constructed in the early 1920's.  The Bush Terminal Company was the railroad company that serviced the surrounding industry, and this building served as the main headquarters.

A statue of "Irving T. Bush 1869-1948" graces the entrance of the Bush Terminal Company.  No relation to President George W. Bush, I presume. :-)

The watchful camera eye monitors all that passes through the area.

A view of the downtown Manhattan skyline from the Bush Terminal Company's building.  Upper Bay is only a couple of yards away from this area.

A view of the rear of the Bush Terminal building.  Notice the intricate brickwork around the windows.

A small building resides in the area as well.  There is no inscription on the building, so I am at a loss as to what it was used for.

This sign was found in the deli on the wall.  It is probably a good bet to assume that this sign was once hung on the outside of one of the Bush Terminal buildings.  Wherever the sign is located, I suppose that it is (and was) a good rule of thumb.

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