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A closer view of the factory portal that allows the CHRR's right-of-way to go from 41st Street to 2nd Avenue.

This view of the factory shows just how large it is.  The factory takes up two city blocks in length, and is about a half of city block in width.

A little further up 41st Street, the CHRR right-of-way trails off in to an old factory.

Looking north, a view up 2nd Avenue.  A couple of blocks from this location resides the South Brooklyn Railway.

Standing right in the middle of Second Avenue, the CHRR's tracks and the old cobblestones help to give northbound motorists a very bumpy ride.  Interesting enough, there are very few railroad crossing signs in the area.  I guess the New York City Department of Transportation isn't expecting many freight trains in the area, at least not enough to warn motorists of their impending approach.

Here is another old factory that had a portal constructed in order allow the CHRR to pass through it.  Since asphalt covers the tracks in the area, the portal is not going to see trains anytime soon.

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