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As we leave the Cross Harbor Railroad yard, we walk north on First Avenue and approach this junction.  The CHRR's right-of-way continues a block north on First Avenue, and it also splits at 41st Street to head east in order to meet up with the CHRR's right-of-way on Second Avenue.

Some of the streets in the area still consist of cobblestones.  The CHRR's right-of-way curves around the corner in order to head east.

The CHRR's right-of-way along 41st Street.

This is one of the most famous buildings in the area.  The building has two large portals that allow the Cross Harbor Railroad's right-of-way to cut through the building in order to link up with the railroad's right-of-way on Second Avenue.

Another view of the factory.  The factory has been refurbished, and is looking pretty good for its age.

OldNYC.com contributor Bernard Ente took this picture in 1990 of a Cross Harbor Railroad locomotive passing through the factory on Second Avenue.  Notice the cobblestone streets, and also notice that the factory had yet to undergo a renovation.

Photograph courtesy of Bernard Ente

Another view of the old factory.  Cars park in the makeshift parking lot in the factory's CHRR right-of-way.

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