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Section 5 of the Cross-Brooklyn Expressway, as described by nycroads.com: "As the route leaves the railroad right-of-way, viaduct construction would be continued to cross the Canarsie subway line.  A two-level high viaduct may permit aerial easement acquisition in the Flatlands Industrial Site, but as soon as possible, the expressway would be lowered to walled fill, one level above the street system."

Here, a three-tracked configuration exists along the railroad ROW, even though the southern most railroad track stops short of it's destination.  It's interesting to note that the track just stops without any bumper.  Usually, the railroad will install a bumper to help stop the train from derailing, if the train happened to get on these particular tracks.

The Cross-Brooklyn Expressway probably would have just started to leave the ROW at this point, as the railroad ROW starts heading in a northward direction.  The Belt Parkway and JFK Airport is southeast of this location, and the expressway would have had to leave the ROW in order to continue towards the airport and parkway.

The Canarsie Subway line (otherwise known as the "L" line) peeks it's way through the bushes along the south side of the LIRR Bay Ridge Branch.  A southbound subway train is approaching us.

The New Lots Avenue Canarsie Line subway station is located on the southern portion of the LIRR Bay Ridge Branch ROW.

The tour along the ROW will be coming to an end shortly, as it's time to get on the L train to head back home.  Before we go, we see that a trestle was built in order to allow the subway to cross-over the LIRR Bay Ridge Branch in order to connect to the subway yard located on the northern portion along the ROW.

A couple of box cars are parked along the ROW.  High above, the IRT subway line traverses the LIRR Bay Ridge branch at this location.  To the right, past the box cars, one can see that the Canarsie elevated subway line runs parallel to the railroad ROW at this point.  The IRT line passes over the Canarsie line where the two subway lines intersect.  The East New York railroad tunnel is about a half mile away from this point.

The Cross-Brooklyn Expressway tour has unfortunately come to an end... for now!  Section 6 (Schenck Avenue to Fountain Avenue, via Flatlands Avenue) and Section 7 (Fountain Avenue to the Belt Parkway) will be explored in early 2001!   I hope you enjoyed the virtual tour of the Cross-Brooklyn Expressway, and I hope you are looking forward to more virtual tours on OldNYC.com!

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