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Car and truck junkyards are found throughout the area.  We are currently in the East New York section of Brooklyn.

On the northern portion of the ROW, a lay-up track contains about twenty to twenty-five box cars.  The rail bed is heavily graveled in this area, as to allow for extra stability for the railroad tracks.

A view looking west shows a spur that was built to accommodate freight operations to the nearby factories that line the southern portion of the ROW.  Looking at all of the bushes that are growing in the tracks, it doesn't look like this spur was used in quite some time.

The ROW once again curves slightly in this area.

Electrical poles that line the ROW, at one time providing support for the catenary wires that carried power for the electrical trains, no longer have wires attached to them.

Here is where the spur connects with the mainline tracks.  The Rockaway Avenue overpass is in the distance.

As previously noted, the design of the Cross-Brooklyn Expressway in this area was to be a stacked viaduct, rising one level above the railroad and two levels above the street system.  Here is how it might have looked if it was built.  This is the Gowanus Expressway as it runs over 65th Street to make it's way connection to the trenched portion of the expressway in Bay Ridge. The Gowanus carriage-way resides on top of the stack, 65th Street resides in the middle of the stack, and the LIRR Bay Ridge Branch lies below the stack.

The railroad ROW crosses over Rockaway Avenue utilizing this trestle.

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