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Continuing the walk along the ROW, we see that the ROW once again narrows as it supports a one-track configuration.  There are no railroad service roads along the elevated portion of the ROW, as there are when the ROW was in the trench.

The ROW, further up the line.  Factories and industrial centers flank the north and south side of the ROW.

The East 92nd Street trestle allowed for a three-track configuration to exist.  The mainline tracks is where the photograph is centered, as a lay-up track is to the right of the mainline tracks.

One of the many sandpits and concrete manufacturing plants that are found along the ROW.  Tall apartment buildings are scattered throughout the area.

Rockaway Parkway is a two-lane in each direction street that runs north and south through Brooklyn.  For such a large street, I find it very interesting that the LIRR Bay Ridge Branch does not provide a trestle for the railroad to cross over the street and to allow through-traffic to pass under the railroad.   Rockaway Parkway dead-ends on both sides of the railroad ROW.  One would have to use Rockaway Avenue, the next trestle along the ROW, to make their way past the ROW.

I wonder if the Cross-Brooklyn Expressway was built, if there would have been a provision to build a new trestle to allow the through connection of Rockaway Parkway.

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