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Another dog comes out to check out what is going on.  Tail down, ears up... watching intently on my every move.

Who said these tours were easy?

Along the southern portion of the ROW, several railcars are parked along a spur for the Favorite Plastics plant, a plastic bag manufacturer.  These railroad cars are hooked up to several pipes leading to the distribution facility.

Another dog walks along the middle of the railroad tracks (bottom left of picture).

A view of the railcars and the storage tanks.  This is one of the few industries still being serviced by freight operations along the LIRR Bay Ridge Branch freight line.

A northwest view of the northern portion of the ROW.  Trees and bushes add to the landscape, adding a rural flavor to a city environment.

Passing the industrial site, the railroad resumes a two-track configuration.  The railroad ROW will once again curve slightly north as it makes it's way to Fresh Pond Yard in Queens, New York City.

The Remsen Avenue trestle.  I wonder if railroad construction engineers utilized the fill from the trenched part of the ROW to construct the viaduct portion of the ROW?

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