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After passing the Albany Avenue overpass, the railroad ROW continues in a northeastwardly direction.  Here, a switch allows for trains to go in to an industrial area along the northern portion of the ROW.

From nycroads.com: "From Albany Avenue to Glenwood Road, the depressed expressway would rise to cross over the street system and ultimately rise one level above the railroad, or two levels above the street system."

Continuing the tour along the right-of-way, two industrial facilities run parallel to the property line.  One of these facilities may have had to have been relocated, since the ROW is not wide enough at this point to service a viaduct six-lane expressway.

The train trestle accommodates a four-track configuration in this area.  One mainline track currently is in service along the route.

The Cross-Brooklyn Expressway would have been positioned over the trestle, as stanchions would have been utilized to support the expressway carriageway.

A view of the trestle looking southwest.  Overgrown bushes and shrubs have taken over the trestle.  The trestle carries the railroad over East 83rd Street.

"Who let the dogs out?"  I was startled to see two wild dogs emerging from the bushes and then positioning themselves right in the middle of the ROW.   These dogs are rather large, German Sheppard-like dogs.  They put their tales down, did some barking, then trotted off down the ROW.  Later,  I would see a pack of fifteen to twenty dogs as I continued my trip.  Thank goodness for me, but I was lucky that the dogs didn't want anything to do with me, as they left me alone.   I consider myself very lucky that nothing happened.

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