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A closer view of the large apartment buildings that line the north side of the ROW between Ocean Parkway and Coney Island Avenue.

A couple of nice houses line the south side of the right of way.

Throughout the trip, the south side of the ROW has been lined with white and red pipes.  Closer inspection of the pipes yield the fact that there is a petroleum line running underneath the south side of the ROW, directly below the service road path.

Spare railroad ties and rails sit up along the edge of the trench wall.

Depending when this pipeline was installed, Cross-Brooklyn Expressway engineers would have had to relocate the pipeline while they dug the trench for the expressway.  It's noted from nycroads.com that "substantial relocation of a petroleum products distribution site" would need to be accomplished during the building of the Cross-Brooklyn Expressway.  I wonder if this plant is the one that serves this pipeline.

Looking west at The Coney Island Avenue overpass.  From nycroads.com: "From Nostrand Avenue to Brooklyn Avenue, the six-lane expressway would pass through an area restricted on both sides by substantial existing and proposed buildings." Nycroads.com also tells us that an interchange for Nostrand Avenue and Flatbush Avenue would also be provided for the Cross-Brooklyn Expressway.

Seeing how many buildings line the ROW in this area, and how narrow the ROW is in this area, it would have been interesting to see how the highway engineers would have constructed am interchange for Nostrand and Flatbush Avenues!  It doesn't appear that they would have had that much space to work with!

Continuing the journey along the ROW, heading towards Ocean Avenue.

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