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We are approaching the Ocean Parkway overpass, the prettiest overpass along the entire route.  What makes it so pretty is that the bricks and resulting facade makes the overpass look extremely rustic, and not one of the utilitarian overpasses that one sees along the rest of the route.  Ocean Parkway is a large, multi-laned boulevard in Brooklyn that runs from the mouth of the Prospect Expressway to the Coney Island beaches.  The overpass is quite long from end to end.

The overpass is being reconstructed, as construction fences and temporary stair cases line the overpass.  This is the area where I was approached by the undercover police officers, and was asked why I was walking along the ROW.

Large apartment building line the north side of the ROW just before the Ocean Avenue overpass.  How the highway engineers would have worked around these buildings is anybody's guess.

A close-up view of the bricks that were utilized in the construction of the Ocean Parkway overpass.  Notice how the bricks are shifting, causing the much needed repairs on the overpass to be performed.

This cement cylinder once held a signal tower for the LIRR Bay Ridge Branch.  There is a steel slip on top of the cement where the beams were once mounted.  A similar cement cylinder appears directly across from this one, on the south side of the ROW.

Notice that the railroad built another small stone wall in order to help abate erosion.

Passing the Ocean Parkway underpass, and making our way to the Coney Island Avenue underpass, seen way in the distance.

The Cross-Brooklyn Expressway would have been configured as a straight run in this area, as no curves are present along the ROW that would have forced a curve in the expressway.  Apartment buildings and houses line the north and south side of the ROW.

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