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On the north side of the ROW, an old westbound signal tower stands along the tracks.  The signal lights and light shroud are missing from the tower.  All electrical wires have been stripped from the tower.

The north side of the ROW trench in this area has a cement retaining wall that helps to prevent the fill from eroding in to the railroad tracks.  I guess the little stones wouldn't work too well in this area! :)

The 17th Avenue overpass is wide enough to accommodate up to four track ways.  It's interesting to see that some overpasses along the ROW were built wide enough for future railroad track expansion, while others were only built to allow for a two-track configuration.

Somebody's couch lies on the side of the ROW.

While continuing the journey eastward, and looking south along the top of the trench, one sees this particularly interesting building.  The apartment building has a long side that faces the ROW, and the side facing the street is cut off at such an angle that the building appears to be in the shape of a triangle.

Underneath the overpass reveals that there was another track setup just north of the main railroad track ROW.  The track rails terminate at this section, but run easterly for a bit until they get covered by debris and eventually end at the next underpass.

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