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A view of the factory that resides south of the LIRR Bay Ridge Branch ROW.  The factory abuts right up against the railroad property line.

Continuing the tour northeastward, a large cement retaining wall shores-up the trench on the north side along the ROW.

Nycroads.com tells us how the Cross-Brooklyn Expressway was to be designed in this area: "From New Utrecht Avenue east to Nostrand Avenue, the depressed roadway would lie north of the railroad, requiring a substantial relocation of the LIRR and a petroleum products distribution site.  To accommodate the expressway and railroad, property acquisition would be required on the north side of 61st Street and the railroad from 12th Avenue to just west of Ocean Parkway, and on the south side of the railroad from McDonald Avenue to Nostrand Avenue.  At Nostrand Avenue, the eight-lane construction would end, and six lanes would be provided easterly at this point."

It's interesting to note that throughout the proposed project, from the Gowanus Expressway interchange up to Nostrand Avenue, it appears that most of 61st Street would have perished due to the land acquisition for the expressway.  61st Street is lined with businesses, apartments and houses on the north side of the street; the railroad ROW borders the south side of the street.  The railroad ROW would have provided some land for the Cross-Brooklyn Expressway, but not all of the land.  Building through a densely populated area in the City required displacement of many homes and businesses.  The Cross-Brooklyn Expressway, even though it appears that it would have been built utilizing some "rural-like" railroad ROW, still would have required substantial acquisition of developed land.

The railroad ROW continues to turn northeasterly, as it makes its way through Brooklyn.  The northern trench dirt wall is severely sloped, as plant life holds the wall in place.  A stone and rock filled path lines the southern portion of the ROW.

The railroad ROW passes under the 15th Avenue overpass. This overpass was recently reconstructed, as all of the cement and steel girders are very new.

Leaves are starting to pile-up along the railroad tracks.  During the walk, I did not see any impediments lying on the tracks that would have caused a problem with train operations over the line.

Brush and a stone wall brace the trench wall so as it will not collapse in to the railroad ROW.

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