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Homes and apartment buildings line the north side of the ROW, as we make our way towards Brooklyn College.  The overpass in the background carries Ocean Avenue over the ROW.

Brooklyn College peers out from the right. Trees make this stretch of ROW appear to be very scenic.  It's very peaceful in this particular area, since the overpasses and subsequent traffic noise are so far apart from each other.

Looking west, on the north side of the ROW, several ties are lined up along the ROW.  It doesn't appear that rails were ever installed on these ties.  Maybe they are just there to be used as spares.

A view of Brooklyn College.  The Brooklyn College area was to play an intricate part of the Cross-Brooklyn Expressway in the "Linear City" proposal of 1967.  According to nycroads.com, Linear City was to combine the Cross-Brooklyn Expressway, the LIRR Bay Ridge Branch ROW, Brooklyn College, apartments, and other facilities in an integrated environment.  A double-stacked tunneled expressway was to run through the area.  The 1966 TBTA proposal did not reference the Brooklyn College area and how the Cross-Brooklyn Expressway was to be built by it.

Here is an overpass for Bedford Avenue.  The overpass provides plenty of room for a four-tracked railroad configuration.

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