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Easterly view of the LIRR Bay Ridge Branch.  The railroad ROW is fairly wide at this point, although not wide enough for an eight-lane expressway.  As we will soon see, aside from the railroad yards, this is one of the widest areas along the ROW.  For Moses' engineers, aside from land acquisition issues, this probably would have been one of the easiest areas to build the Cross-Brooklyn Expressway compared to other sections of the route.  Some sections are extremely small, and would have required major engineering efforts to squeeze the highway through such small confines.

A Sea Beach subway train, destination Coney Island, passes by us.

A Queens-bound N train passes us by as we continue our journey along the proposed Cross-Brooklyn Expressway.

The 13th Avenue overpass.  Notice that behind the graffiti "artwork" is fairly new concrete.  Many of the overpasses and bridges along the LIRR Bay Ridge Branch are being reconstructed, since many of these overpasses are over ninety years old!!  Due to New York City ordinances, the LIRR, in a joint project with the City of New York, embarked on the "LIRR Grade Elimination Project" which  eliminated the at-grade street and railroad crossings.  For more information about this project, check out "The Third Rail" at Rapid Transit.Net web site.

This overpass is wide-enough to allow for a four-track railroad ROW, two tracks per portal.  Currently, the LIRR Bay Ridge branch is only single-tracked in this area.  The rail road service road flows through the leftmost portal.

The trenched embankment gently slopes from the buildings above in to the ROW.

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