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The Fort Hamilton Parkway staircase, leading to the street.  We are looking west along the ROW.

If the Cross-Brooklyn Expressway was to be positioned north of the Sea Beach Branch throughout it's ROW, then highway engineers may not have had to worry about the Fort Hamilton Parkway station while constructing the expressway, since it would not have been in the way.

According to nycroads.com, an interchange was planned from the Cross-Brooklyn Expressway and Fort Hamilton Parkway.  The planned interchange may have been at or near this location.  Large amounts of non-railroad ROW land acquisition would have been required for the construction of this interchange.

Catenary mounting brackets and frayed catenary wires dangle from the overpass.  At one time, the LIRR Bay Ridge branch served for some of the New Haven Railroad's freight operations.  The New Haven Railroad used catenary wires to power their electric trains.  The LIRR, who owns the railroad line, did not use catenary provided power for their electric trains.  So, it is interesting to see that the LIRR outfitted power for the line to be used by railroad corporations other than their own!

LIRR diesel trains ran along this line.  Now, New York and Atlantic (NYA) diesel freight trains utilize this line for their operations (NYA leases the line from the LIRR for freight operations).

Looking west at the Fort Hamilton Parkway subway station and an overpass.  The LIRR Bay Ridge Branch now occupies a position north of the Sea Beach subway line.

From nycroads.com: "Between Fort Hamilton Parkway and 12th Avenue, the expressway would descend to railroad grade at 12th Avenue. The depressed eight-lane roadway, in a position north of the two existing LIRR Railroad tracks would be retained, would not interfere with the Sea Beach tracks that would remain south of the railroad.  Property acquisition would be required between 65th Street and 62nd Street, and on the north side of 61st Street from 9th Avenue easterly to 12th Avenue."

Continuing east on our tour, the LIRR Bay Ridge Branch has a fairly wide ROW at this point.  Notice the gently sloping land that was created in order to provide a trench for the railroad ROW.  A railroad service road, consisting of packed ballast, lines the ROW.  At the top of the sloping hill lies 61st Street.  Moses' engineers had intended on acquiring much of built-up property for the very large eight-lane expressway that was to be built in this area.

The Sea Beach subway line, residing south of the LIRR Bay Ridge Branch.  The Sea Beach line is located above the retaining wall, whereas the LIRR Bay Ridge Branch single-tracked line runs directly next to the cement wall.

The Cross-Brooklyn Expressway would have been located to the north of the LIRR Bay Ridge Branch train tracks.

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