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This is the first portion of the railroad right-of-way that would have also been used for the ROW of the Cross-Brooklyn Expressway.  This railroad right-of-way is officially known as the Long Island Railroad (LIRR) Bay Ridge Branch.

As one can see, railroad boxcars are parked on one of the three tracks at this portion of the ROW.  In the distance, one can see the 6th Avenue railroad overpass, the Gowanus Expressway viaduct, and the two large, nearly identical apartment buildings.  The railroad ROW passes under both the Gowanus Expressway, the R train ROW tunnel, and the apartment buildings, as the ROW makes it's way to the 65th Street Bay Ridge Yards.

From nycroads.com, "Viaduct construction would be used as the expressway turned easterly, across the Sea Beach and Long Island Railroad tracks, and occupy a position north of the railroad."

Here are the subway N train's tracks, elevated by the cement wall.  At this point, if the expressway was to occupy a position north of the railroad, the large factory which stands directly behind the Sea Beach subway line (N), would have possibly had to have been condemned and razed to make way for the expressway viaduct.  The expressway viaduct would have had to have crossed over the Sea Beach line in order to be positioned north of the subway.

An easterly view of the LIRR Bay Ridge Branch ROW.  Trees and bushes line the southern part of the ROW, the Sea Beach subway tracks line the northern part of the ROW.   The area is three-tracked, with room for a fourth track.  It appears that the rightmost track is currently being used for thru freight train traffic, since the rails have a polished look to the, whereas the other rails are dull and rusted.

The two LIRR Bay Ridge Branch tracks cross-over to form one track just past the underpass.  The Sea Beach tracks begin to cross-over the LIRR Bay Ridge Branch at this point.

The Fort Hamilton Parkway subway Station is directly ahead.

A closer look at the Fort Hamilton Parkway subway station.  Notice the cement beams to the left of the picture.  Closer inspection shows that the LIRR Bay Ridge Branch once had track and rail through the underpass.

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