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The eastbound Gowanus makes it's way up the hill to connect with the Gowanus viaduct, which runs from 65th Street in Bay Ridge to Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Another view of the eastbound ramp to the viaduct.  This picture was taken at 65th Street in Bay Ridge.

This picture was taken at 61st Street and 3rd Avenue.  Here, we see that the westbound spur of the Gowanus Expressway flies-over the Belt Parkway interchange.

According to TBTA plans, "beginning at Ovington Avenue, the connections to the Cross-Brooklyn expressway would climb from the depressed approaches and pass over the intersection of 7th Avenue and 65th Street."  (source: nycroads.com)

The Cross-Brooklyn viaduct may have shared similar characteristics to the Gowanus viaduct shown in this picture, had it been built.

A complex set of ramps and merges are present at the current Gowanus/Belt Parkway interchange.  The ramp in the forefront of the picture leads down from the eastbound Gowanus to 3rd Avenue.  The eastbound Gowanus consists of  the second tier, as it will later merge with the eastbound Belt Parkway.  The westbound Gowanus expressway consists of the third tier of this complex viaduct.

No doubt the Cross-Brooklyn Expressway viaduct and interchanges would have been as complex.  I would venture a guess that Moses would have wanted a connection with the Cross-Brooklyn Expressway and the westbound Gowanus Expressway, so that motorists would have the option to head geographically east into Brooklyn utilizing the Cross-Brooklyn Expressway.  Using the same rationale, Moses may have also wanted a connection from the westbound Cross-Brooklyn to the eastbound Gowanus.  This would have been interesting for a number of reasons:

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