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Just to the right of the layup track is another rail siding.  Freight railcars are parked along the layup track.

A closer view of the box cars and hoppers that are parked on the layup tracks.  The NYA and companies along the line that lease the tracks from the NYA utilize these hopper cars for garbage carting operations.  Garbage carting is a fairly big industry along this line, and only promises to grow as the government and EPA would like companies to utilize freight train operations for garbage transfer as opposed to utilizing trucks.

This freight siding, like so many others that we have seen along the route, is abandoned as well.  Ballast for the mainline in this area appears to be relatively new, and is in very good shape.

A closer view of some of the freight cars that are parked along the layup tracks.

An old steel overpass takes people from the southside of the Bushwick right-of-way to the northside of the right-of-way.

A couple of box cars are parked right in the Bushwick mainline (left tracks) and the layup tracks (right tracks).

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