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Anyone recently have their car stolen?  Apparently, the Bushwick branch makes a great dumping ground for these "suspect" vehicles.  At least whoever dumped these cars didn't dump them on the tracks.

Thick brush lines the right-of-way.  An old siding is being covered with plant life.  Humans may change the earth by building infrastructure on it, but if infrastructure is abandoned, the earth is quick to reclaim the land.

A ground-view of the tracks and switch that connects the mainline to another siding.  Tracks and rails are in good condition at this location.

A close-up view of the switch mechanism.  Along the branch, all of the spur and siding switches are manual.

Although it might appear as if it did, the line did not become two-tracked in this area.  The track to the right leads to a siding, as the track to the left is the Bushwick mainline.

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