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Another at-grade street crossing, with no signs, gates, or other markers.

An abandoned siding is found below the metal fence.  At one time, industry along the branch used the Bushwick Branch for freight deliveries.  As industry turned to trucks for deliveries, sidings such as this fell in to disrepair, and were eventually abandoned.  If the grand plans of  revitalizing freight train infrastructure in the New York City/Long Island area ever come to fruition, sidings such as these will need to be refurbished and rebuilt in order to serve customers.

Here is an interesting juxtaposition.  At this crossing, the Bushwick mainline has the typical metal plates buffering the street's asphalt and the railroad tracks, but the spur in the background that leads to a siding does not have the plates.  It was interesting watching cars maneuver around the tracks, since the rails without the metal plates generate a very bumpy ride for the passengers in the motor vehicles.

Ahhhhh!  Finally... a railroad crossing sign letting motorists know that they are approaching the railroad crossing!

Back on the right-of-way, we see that one has to be extremely careful when walking along the route.  Garbage is all over the place, and broken glass and other sharp objects reside on the ground.  Very rugged workboots are required for this journey.

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