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As we make our way across the trestle, once notices that the track ballast in this area is in fairly good shape.  Just ahead, the line continues to curve in a southwest direction.  Train speeds are regulated to no more than 10 miles per hour along the route.

Looking northeast at the factory that we just passed through.  Many of the factories in this area are two to three story low-rise buildings.

The at-grade street railroad street crossing is nothing more than an asphalt surface, with none of the traditional metal plates that usually buffer the street pavement with the railroad tracks.

Another interesting fact about the at-grade rail-crossing in this area: there are no crossing gates, railroad crossing signs, or painted railroad crossing marks on the pavement to indicate that one will be approaching an at-grade railroad crossing!  When trains travel along this route, flagmen stand along the rail crossings and warn traffic of the impending train.

The right-of-way gets very narrow in this area.  Some of the rail ties are washed-out in this area, as dirt covers the tracks.  Garbage lines the parameter of the right-of-way.

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