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Heading southwest again, the right-of-way becomes extremely narrow.

Old electrical switch boxes are found along the right-of-way in this area.  There are no signs that this line was electrified, so I wonder what these boxes used to control?

Possibly an old cement support for a crossing gate?

The industry surrounding this area of the Bushwick branch is typically waste management businesses.  Some companies lease the NYA right-of-way for garbage transfer operations.

We come across the bridge over English Kills.  If the branch was ever to be upgraded for increased rail freight activity, this bridge would have to be replaced or strengthened for heavier train loads.

Walking across this bridge is not for the faint of heart, and I don't recommend it to anyone.  The railroad ties are spaced far enough apart so that you can see the water in between the ties.  If one ever fell in to this water, you would have to be hosed down and taken to the hospital for analysis, since the water is highly polluted.  The color of the water is a greenish-white, polluted from years of industry that lines the water's banks.  Surprisingly enough, the water doesn't smell bad, but then again... who could really tell since we are next to all of the garbage transfer stations.  This, to me, was the scariest part of the trip!

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