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Here is the first leg of the Bushwick Branch.  As we will see as we travel the right-of-way, the Bushwick Branch is lined with factories and industrial concerns.

The branch runs through some remote areas of Brooklyn, and although we didn't run in to any problems along our walk, that is not to say that this would be the norm for other urban explorers.  I wouldn't do this walk alone, that's for sure.  My friend and I ran across a couple of wild dogs, some factory workers who gave us inquisitive looks, and some vagabonds that were minding their own business but were walking haphazardly along the right-of-way.

Here is a view of the Montauk Branch as it passes under the trestle.  The right-of-way resides behind the stanchions.

The Bushwick's right-of-way is very narrow at this point, as it meanders through the factories.  Except for several layup tracks and spurs, the branch is single-tracked throughout the route.

Looking northeast at the overpass and the factory that has air-rights over the railroad right-of-way.  It appears as if the line was constructed to support a two-tracked operation, if extensive freight operations warranted the building of an extra track.

The Bushwick line travels in a southwest direction from the Montauk Branch divide to Bushwick terminal.  Here is a view of the right-of-way as it passed through a factory, looking southwest.

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