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This map, provided by OldNYC.com special contributor Bernard Ente, shows the "General Arrangement of Tracks in Vicinity of Fresh Pond Junction".  Clicking on the picture will enlarge the picture in a new browser window.

Map courtesey of Bernard Ente

As we pass under a subway trestle, we are looking directly west towards the skyline of Manhattan.  The Empire State Building stands directly in front of us.  Another yard resides just south of the  Montauk branch right-of-way.  Switches allow eastboud trains to cross-over in to Fresh Pond Yard or to the Bay Ridge Branch.

The Montauk Branch consists of a two-tracked road in this area, although a third track runs parallel to the Montauk at this location.  This third track will lead us to the Bushwick Branch, about a mile or so down the road.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority's "M" subway line crosses-over the Montauk Branch.  This is an easterly view of the subway trestle.

Box cars are parked in the layup yard.  Surprisingly, many of these cars are graffiti-free, which is certainly a nice sight to see.

An old overpass keeps the railroad right-of-way separated from vehicle traffic driving on the street above.  This overpass has not been refurbished, and it is quite old.

Although this section of track runs parallel to the Montauk Branch in this area, this section of track will eventually diverge from the Montauk Branch to make up the mainline of the Bushwick Branch.

Inside the very dark overpass.  With the sun just to the south of this location, very little light penetrates this area.  Garbage and other debris are strewed across the ground.

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