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As we heads towards Brooklyn, one notices several layup tracks and manual switches at this location.  The IRT subway line has a yard in this area, and there are connecting tracks to and from the Bay Ridge Branch ROW to the yard.

The rail road tracks and ties in this area are in fairly good shape, but they aren't strong enough to support high-speed freight traffic through this area.

The NYA locomotive makes its way past the IRT yard, and railfans gather around to take photos of the train as it makes its journey.

Once the ROW makes its way into Brooklyn, the ROW was constructed to be above-grade from the surrounding street crossings.  Once the ROW travels further in to Brooklyn, the ROW travels below-grade via a trench.  Street crossings are carried over the ROW trench via bridges.

An interesting note that was taken along the ROW:  Rockaway Parkway, a four-lane north/south roadway, is cut-off by the ROW!!  No trestle was constructed to carry the Bay Ridge Branch ROW over the road!  The road simply ends at each side of the ROW.  None of the railfans on the trip were able to provide an answer as to why a "major" road was blocked by the ROW.  If I find out the answer as to why Rockaway Parkway never had a trestle built for it, I will post here.

OldNYC.com contributor Michael Harrington provided this photograph of a train he used to ride along the Bay Ridge Branch.  Michael explains, "This picture was taken in the summer of 1978.  Its located on the north track just east of Albany Avenue.  The engineers name was Vern.  They were switching the "brick yard" as we called it.  Everyday the train came by and would actually stop at my house honk the horn and wait for me to climb the fence and get on."

Photo courtesy of Michael Harrington

A view of the spur from the main Bay Ridge Line to the IRT subway yard.  There are no gates in the ROW... trains can go right in to the yard unimpeded.

OldNYC.com frequent contributor Neil Sullivan explains: "On the Bay Ridge line, the subway yard is called Linden Yard and it is used only for work trains, formally known as Division C.  There was also a connection to the  BMT L subway line just north of New Lots Avenue station, but it has since been torn up".

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