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Railfans pack in to the former LIRR railcar #2940.  The NYA will be using this car as a maintenance car, when it is not performing railfan transportation duties.  It was a hot and humid day during the tour date in June, but despite the warm conditions,  the 11.5 mile rail journey was a success.

Box cars are parked along the ROW, not too far from Fresh Pond Yard.   Just south of Fresh Pond, the ROW consists of a two-track layout.

The ROW runs along a unique route through the boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn.  Upon leaving Fresh Pond, the route heads south through Queens.  In order to make the route in to Brooklyn, the ROW gently curves for a bit as it eventually heads west in to Brooklyn.

In this picture, one can see the beginning of the westbound curve in the background.

NYA Engine #261.  This diesel locomotive is classified as a GP38-2.  The locomotive is passing the freight box car trains that are located on the northbound tracks.

This is a view of the trestle bridge that goes over the LIRR Montauk Line and the Fresh Pond Yard junction area.  Further down the line, the Bay Ridge Line will connect with the New York Connecting Railroad line.

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