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All images in this frame courtesy of Bernard Ente

Oldnyc.com contributor Bernard Ente provided us with these two pictures from the NYCR ROW.

Bernard writes: "Here are two images of the New York Connecting RR right of way.  The Conrail train is YAOP-17 heading south (east?) in Jackson Heights, about to pass under Broadway/69th Street. Photo was taken in July, 1988."

Bernard adds: "The second image was taken at the beginning of July.  I was standing on the NYCR looking north, at the same location as the Conrail photo. As you can see, all the greenery has been cut away to prepare for highway reconstruction and the whole line is "naked".  One of these days I'd like to catch a freight here."

On August 28th, 2000 Bernard provided Oldnyc.com with this information: "After laying undisturbed for 83 years, the historic New York Connecting RR trackage will be disturbed over the weekend of September 9-10.  CSX and Slattery Construction crews will swing the trackage onto a new embankment at Northern Boulevard. CSX is not sure if a work train will be required -- Slattery usually handles the heavy stuff with trucks."

Before we continue to explore the New York Connecting Railroad right of way, it's interesting to see that the NYA trains are also fancied my model railroad enthusiasts as well.  Bernard Ente had this NYA model train built for him.  NYA colors and decals are represented on the model locomotive.

The model is very detailed!  It even has a train number (270) associated with it!

A front view of the NYA train model.

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