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Just a mile or so before entering the Bay Ridge Yard, the Bay Ridge Branch ROW runs adjacent to the BMT N subway train. At this location, the BMT N train is to the right of the westbound ROW. The cement retaining wall contains the BMT N trainís ROW. The subway line is elevated above the Bay Ridge Branch ROW at this location.

Some other interesting items to note in this picture:

The elevated section of the N Trainís ROW hovers above the Bay Ridge Branch. In the background, one can see that the N train will cross over the Bay Ridge Branch, and run along side the branchís southern portion of the ROW for a couple of miles. The N train will then head towards Coney Island, as the Bay Ridge Branch heads towards Fresh Pond Yard or the New York Connecting Railroad line.

Railfans line-up to view the New York and Atlantic diesel train. The train comes extremely close to the trees and bushes as it travels along the ROW at this location. The plant life is starting to grow in to the ROW, since there isnít as much train activity to naturally cut the plants away from the ROW. Notice how the trees cover the roofs of the engine and passenger car.

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