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A view underneath the Hell Gate bridge. A four-track configuration is supported on the bridge’s ROW, a configuration that Pennsylvania Railroad President Alexander J. Cassatt had wanted in order to provide express train service to and from New England.

Another view under the bridge.  One can also see the gothic tower across the water.  This particular tower is located on Randall’s Island.

Wallace P. Heller, an Oldnyc.com contributor, took this picture "some time between 1946 and 1949."

This picture was taken on top of the railroad viaduct, and it shows the large brick towers, the catenary wires and tower supports, and the four-track configuration along the right of way.  The steel arch is visible through the tower portal.

Photo courtesy of  Wallace P. Heller.

This is the point at which the arch connects to the tower. Steel and concrete come together to form an incredibly strong support system.

Dave Frieder provided OldNYC.com with this beautiful picture of the Hell Gate Bridge.

Visit Dave's site at www.davefrieder.com.

Photo courtesy of Dave Frieder.

This is a black and white picture of the Hell Gate Bridge, taken from the arches high above the railroad tracks.

Photo courtesy of Dave Frieder.

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