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The LIRR Montauk Branch are the two tracks to the far right of the picture.  This is the easterly entrance to Fresh Pond Yard.  A couple of spur tracks provide access to the Montauk Branch.  The Montauk Branch's western terminus is Long Island City, Queens.

Tankers and box cars sit idle at Fresh Pond Yard.

Notice that there is no electrification of tracks in the yard.  There are no third rails or catenary wires to provide electricity to electric train motors.  Diesel locomotives must be used on the LIRR Montauk Branch, The New York Connecting Railroad line, and the Bay Ridge Branch.

Notice too that there are no electrical switches or electrical signal towers in the yard.  Switching is done manually.

OldNYC.com contributor Peter Rydell adds: "I didn't see any visible artifacts along the Bay Ridge route, but I clearly recall the time when the entire route from Hell Gate to Bay Ridge was overhead electrified.  New Haven would run various electric engines during the fifties and sixties, with fairly lengthy freights.  Also, at Fresh Pond Junction, there used to be an interlocking tower named "Fremont" on the east side of the ROW of the Bay Ridge/New York Connecting Railroad, accessible from Otto Road, just south of the LIRR.  I believe it survived into the 70's or 80's. When driving through the area I could get an extreme close-up of the catenary, because there was another interchange or junction track (now long gone and replaced by a row of warehouses on Otto Road) which made a broad sweep along that southeast quadrant of the junction. That track was catenary electrified to a point just short of it's merging with the LIRR eastbound track. I clearly remember the overhead warning for the New Haven engineers - "AC Motor Stop".

A closer look at the chords of lumber stacked on the flatbed.

Boxcars line the yard's rail spurs.

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