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Fresh Pond Yard bustles with freight activity.  Several boxcars and a flatbed car with chords of lumber stacked on it sit in the yard waiting to be transported to their final destinations.

Fresh Pond Yard is closed to non-NYA employees.  We were only allowed in the yard because we were on the NYA tour on that particular day.  Trespassing on NYA property is strictly forbidden.

Several boxcars are parked in the yard.

The trestle bridge in the background links the Bay Ridge Branch to the New York Connecting Railroad line.

It's not often that you see box cars on New York City railways.  With the NYA new business charter, hopefully NYC can experience more deliveries of goods and services via rail.

Fresh Pond Yard has several spurs for freight train storage.  In this picture, one can see five to six spurs for train storage.

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