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This is the entrance to Fresh Pond Yard at the corner of 69th Place.  A green fence that runs the length of the Fresh Pond Yard property line divides the yard from the residential streets.

Oldnyc.com contributor Skip Horner tells us this story: "The Fresh Pond Yards (Otto Rd. in Glendale) used to be a wide open area - we even played baseball in there once (between the tracks by approximately 68th Street).  The Bay Ridge Branch tracks were also a popular hangout for us who used to hang out in Mafera (Farmer's Oval) Park.  The dirt ball field in the north section of the park (the north and east corners of the park are bounded by the Montauk and Bay Ridge Lines, respectively), generally had numerous holes in the fences, so when the police came to chase us, we'd just go through the fence and disappear into the woods and tracks.  I think they've fixed that scenario since then."

The yard is located in the middle of a nice residential community in Queens, NY.

This is New York and Atlantic Railway's locomotive #161.  The NYA has been buying used LIRR locomotives and has been refurbishing them for freight use.  The locomotives are painted in NYA colors green and white.  At one time, the paint scheme on the locomotives were blue and white, the color scheme of the LIRR locomotives.

This is the platform where the new MTA subway trains are offloaded.  NYA personnel explained the process to the tour group:  new MTA subway cars are either brought to the Bronx via trucks or car floats, where they are offloaded to NYA flatbed railcars.  The railcars make their journey from the Bronx, over the Hell Gate Bridge, through the New York Connecting Railroad ROW, and to Fresh Pond Yard.  At Fresh Pond, the subway cars are rolled-off of the flatbed cars utilizing this ramp.

This map, provided by OldNYC.com special contributor Bernard Ente, shows the "General Arrangement of Tracks in Vicinity of Fresh Pond Junction". 

Map courtesey of Bernard Ente

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