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All photographs in this section courtesy of Carmine LoMonaco.

"A Penn Central caboose at the back of a freight train."

"Bay Ridge Division.  Fresh Pond bound at Parkville Junction, Brooklyn.  Coming up on McDonald Avenue overpass.  April 3, 1972."

"Bay Ridge bound, approaching 17th Avenue overpass.  July 1972."

"Bay Ridge bound, leaving Parkville Junction, 18th Avenue overpass in rear.  July 1972."

Here's Carmine LoMonaco manning the controls of the old diesel back in 1979.

"A rare shot of Bay Ridge Division electrified in the mid 1960's.  A NH E33 Virginian hauling freight under 11,000 volt catanary.  In 1967 the power was shut off and the wires came down."

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