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All photographs in this section courtesy of Carmine LoMonaco.

"Bay Ridge Division, April 1972 at 17th Avenue."

OldNYC.com contributor Carmine LoMonaco shares with us sixteen pictures that he took along the Bay Ridge Branch in 1972.  These pictures help to illustrate the long history of the Bay Ridge Branch.

Mr. LoMonaco writes: "I grew up in the 1960's with the Bay Ridge Division running through my back yard on 56th Street and 17th Avenue.  I remember hearing the diesels notching up as they flew by my yard.  I also remember the growling sound of the blowers on old New Haven Virginians as they crawled by.

To this date, I have this unexplainable obsession with the history of the Bay Ridge Division.  It's almost like Richard Dreyfus's obsession with Devils Mountain in the movie Close Encounters.  As a kid I found my self constantly looking over the walls at any of the over passes along the route. In 1972 I walked the tracks from 17th Avenue to the old tower at Ocean Ave.  The tower was abandon, but I remember seeing the old amp meters for the switches and a label on a switch that said "McDonald Avenue Trolley."  I remember trying to picture in my mind, who the guy was that had to sit down there in the darkness all night.  What did he do for 8 hours?  Well, thank God for OldNYC.com's contributor Bernie Spinelli's story!  I was wrapped up in his story about the Parkville Junction and College Tower.  According to Bernie the towerman's name was Smitty.  Did you know that there was another tower at the Bay Ridge yard under the 8th Avenue overpass?  I remember that it burnt down in the late 60's.  At the time you could see it from the Manhattan bound N train as it approached 8th Avenue."

"Bay Ridge Division, Fresh Pond bound, at Parkville Junction, Brooklyn.  Coming up on McDonald Avenue overpass.  April 3, 1972."

"Bay Ridge bound, approaching 17th Avenue overpass.  July 1972."

"Bay Ridge bound, leaving Parkville Junction, 18th Avenue overpass in rear.  July 1972."

"Bay Ridge bound, next overpass 17th Avenue.  July 1972."

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