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A close-up view of the pully mechanisim on top of the gantry.  Notice the large cables and chains that make-up the system.

Manhattan Island is not too far away from the Bay Ridge Yard!

Here is the shoreline along the edge of the yard.  Notice what looks like a sunken barge in the background.  There are a lot of old piers that dot the landscape in this area.  These old remnants shows that marine and train shipping once thrived in this area.

Hank Eisenstein, Oldnyc.com contributor, adds: "The 1/2 sunken object north of the yard isn't a barge, but another float bridge. The clue is the block of concrete on the end that is not submerged."

Another view of the tracks on float bridge.  Looking at these pictures, one can see the potential that this area has for helping New York City and Long Island achieve world-class freight operations.

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