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A view of the yard looking west.  The gantry in the background is the device that is used to lift freight cars off of the barges.

The tour will take a closer look at the gantry in upcoming pictures.

The tracks in this area are in very good shape.  Apart from some brush that grows in-between the ties, the roadbed is in fairly good condition.  The gravel, ties, and rails have weathered the elements quite well.

Here we see some railfans, a couple of hoppers, and the diesel train.

The bridge in the background is the ramp to the Shore Parkway.  Taking the Shore Parkway allows one to see the Bay Ridge Yard from the car.  The automobile is the only way one will be able to see the yard, since the yard is off-limits to the public.  The yard was only open to the New York Connecting Railroad Society on tour day.

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