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Profile of engine #261.

Check out the Cross Harbor Freight Movement Major Investment Study, put out by the New York City Economic Development Corporation (you will need Adobe Acrobat to read this PDF file) to see what the benefits are of the proposed cross harbor rail tunnel.

The wheels of one of the hopper cars.

The exit ramp of the Shore Parkway to 67th Street in the vicinity of the Bay Ridge Yard.

More good news for the NYA from the official Canadian Pacific Railway News Release:

Full Utilization Will Divert Tons of Freight from Truck to Rail

The New York City Economic Development Corporation (EDC) announced today that Canadian Pacific Railroad (CPR), with New York & Atlantic Railway (NY&A) as a subcontractor, has been selected to operate and manage the 65th Street Rail Yard and transfer bridges in Brooklyn.

'Working on behalf of the City, EDC is committed to finding ways to improve freight movement, reduce wear and tear on our roadways and improve air quality in the New York City region,' said EDC President Michael G. Carey. 'With Canadian Pacific operating the 65th Street Rail Yard, we will not only move the Yard to full utilization, divert tons of freight from truck to rail and significantly reduce air pollution, we will also solidify competitive rail access in the City.'

In 1999, as a result of the Surface Transportation Board's (STB) consideration of the Conrail acquisition by CSX and Norfolk Southern, and at the urging of the City and State for competitive rail access east of the Hudson, the STB called for an East-of-Hudson operating agreement between CSX and CPR.

'The agreement between CSX and Canadian Pacific has already increased rail freight service to the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens,' said Mr. Carey. 'With Canadian Pacific operating the 65th Street Rail Yard, we will build on the success of the City and State's demands for competitive rail access in New York City.'

With approximately 15,500 route-miles in Canada and the United States, Canadian Pacific operates one of the largest railway systems in North America and has a long track record of successful commercial rail transload and intermodal operations. New York & Atlantic, the private successor to the Long Island Rail Road freight franchise, will be
responsible for switching activities within the Rail Yard, as well as interchanging traffic on the transfer bridges.

Jacques Cote, President and CEO of CPR's Eastern Network, said, 'Gaining access to the 65th Street Rail Yard is a critical element in our strategy to serve the East-of-Hudson area. With it we now have the necessary facilities to adequately serve this marketplace. We anticipate beginning to unload bulk flour in April, followed by aggregates later this spring. In addition, we are hopeful that we can ship international containers to and from Canada from container terminals in Brooklyn, Staten Island and New Jersey this year.'

The agreement with CPR will also break new ground for the railcar float system in New York Harbor by inaugurating the two rail transfer bridges at the Rail Yard. The bridges will provide for the transfer of railcars to and from carfloats. In its Cross Harbor Freight Movement Study, EDC identified an expanded cross harbor float system as a fundamental step to improving the movement of goods in the New York City region.

Once it is established, Canadian Pacific anticipates that it will handle approximately 18,000 carloads and container loads at the Rail Yard and generate more than $1 million in revenue for the City over three years. Its investment will include approximately $250,000 in additional capital improvements at the Brooklyn Rail Yard.

The City acquired the 65th Street Rail Yard in 1982 and, in conjunction with New York State, has invested more than $20 million in improvements, including construction of the two new rail transfer bridges. The Rail Yard is now ready for full utilization, including bulk transload and intermodal operations and float service across the harbor.

The 65th Street Rail Yard is located between 64th and 66th Streets, West of Second Avenue in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. The Rail Yard forms the terminus of the Long Island Rail Road's Bay Ridge freight line along the Brooklyn waterfront. It is adjacent to the industrial district of Sunset Park, which is home to the Brooklyn Army Terminal (BAT), a former military
facility that has been redeveloped into a thriving manufacturing, commercial and warehousing facility.

EDC is the City's primary vehicle for economic development services. Using its financing and real estate resources, EDC helps develop businesses and create jobs throughout the five boroughs. EDC is also responsible for the sale and leasing of City-owned land for economic development and for the redevelopment of City-owned waterfront properties.

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