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This is the Bay Ridge Yard (also known as the 65th Street Yard) in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.  This is an important yard for the New York and Atlantic Railroad because the yard's terminus is Upper New York Bay.  Freight cars are moved by car float from New Jersey railroad terminals to the Bay Ridge terminal.

At one time, the New Haven Railroad operated freight trains on the Bay Ridge line.  Freight cars were moved by car float to and from the Pennsylvania Railroad's New Jersey terminal and then were routed to various locations along the New York Connecting Railroad's ROW in Brooklyn and Queens.

There have been proposals on the board for a freight train tunnel that will connect New Jersey rail freight yards to the Bay Ridge yard.  The tunnel will provide a direct train connection and would eliminate the use of car floats for connections.  Unfortunately, this project is extremely grand in scope, and it will cost billions of dollars to accomplish.

In this particular picture, Manhattan is shown in the background.  View is looking north.

This is the Army terminal; a large building adjacent to the Bay Ridge yard.

Hopper freight cars are parked in the yard.  These particular hoppers have been in the yard for quite some time.

One of the light towers for the yard.  These towers climb to extremely high heights.

In all of they years that I have passed over the yard via the Gowanus Expressway, I have never seen these lights on at night.  It would be interesting to find out when the last time these lights illuminated the yard.

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